A utility company in the Northeast was curious about presenting in the Pecha Kucha style. Pecha Kucha is a global networking event; speakers’ presentations are 20 slides long. Each slide stays up for only 20 seconds and advance automatically. It’s a fun format that helps each speaker focus in on their main points.

So, they reached out to us and asked us to design a presentation that explained Pecha Kucha. We created this fun, visually bold deck and presented it to the client 20 seconds at a time. We also went with a vibrant color palette and simple iconography to mirror the lively pace of this style.

If you’re ever in Portsmouth, NH, feel free to attend our local version. We’ve been doing them 4 times a year since 2009.

But even if you’re not, they’re now in over 900 cities worldwide. It’s a great way to find inspiration for your own presentations and even a good way to practice delivery.