The Team

Mike | President

Mike has worked with executives for over 20 years, helping them discover their core messages and present with style and stunning visuals.

Leveraging his background in theater, public relations, and corporate communications, he leads his clients through initial strategy, presentation structure, design, rehearsal, and delivery. He and his team will have you confidently commanding the stage in no time.

The Team

Cassie | Creative Director

Cassie's passion for design stems from its ability to forge human connections. She strives to produce designs that don't just look good but also bring more value to her clients. Her background in both print and digital design helps bring a custom approach to all the work that crosses her desk. As the head of DECK's design team, Cassie is driven to provide an environment that is both positive and inspiring. She believes in the power of great design and its ability to share impactful messages and shift mindsets. If you believe that, too, let Cassie show you how your presentations can do the same.

The Team

Debbie | Head Writer

Debbie is a master of matching tone and nuance. As our head writer, she uses that talent to create scripts and outlines that feel natural and authentic.

With a background in communications for consumer brands and non-profit organizations, she creates strategic content that gets clients noticed live, in print, and online. She's a versatile copywriter/content creator and editor, putting words to work for a variety of consumer magazines as well as consumer and B2B clients.

The Team

Nancy | Presentation Coach

Nancy is a city councilor, cultural administrator, and artist. In all these roles, she communicates clearly and authentically. She leverages this experience to analyze your speaking style and help you rehearse and prepare for your presentation.

She is an executive-level director, communicator and community leader, experienced in catalyzing the organizational, branding, and financial success of organizations of all sizes.

Mike Teixeira - Founder/President
Debbie Kane
Nancy Pearson

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