Modern Meets Organic

The Timberland Company is an iconic American brand. Founded in 1952, the Timberland brand has gone through many evolutions. During its latest brand refresh, they looked to DECK to help translate that new visual language and messaging into compelling presentations that married the organic feel of the natural world and a modern esthetic.


  • Design Services
  • Concepting
  • Event Template
  • Keynote
  • Event Support

Nature Needs Heroes

How we helped

Timberland has always stood for hard work and harmony with nature. In 2019 they decided to rethink how to relay their commitment to the earth in a modern context. Their internal team did a magnificent job creating a new brand guide. But once done, they needed help translating the new branding into presentation design. Through several projects that included a live fashion show event, HR internal presentation templates, and various meetings we created presentations that eventually became the templates used internally.


The result was that we created a presentation style that mirrored the look and feel that Timberland used in-store design, advertising, and package design. 

Event Visual Design

One of our favorite experiences was creating visuals for an immersive fashion show and meeting.