CREDO – Stanford University

CREDO is the national resource for data on Charter Schools and learning. A presentation need evolved into an ongoing partnership that has transformed their visual language.


  • Structure Consultation
  • Design Services
  • Concepting
  • PowerPoint Template

Making science compelling.

How we helped

CREDO was struggling with a challenge a lot of technical presenters struggle with, “How do I make charts, science, and results engaging?” Through the outlining of their first presentation, we learned a great deal. The greatest challenge for us was to understand how the CREDO Days of Learning methodology translated into the real world. If we were struggling to get that we knew the general audience would struggle too. So, we worked to structure a presentation that explained the CREDO methodology​ and then illustrate how the data could affect public policy.


The first presentation was a success and since then we’ve worked closely with CREDO in creating new presentations, PowerPoint templates, documents, and their new website.