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Services to transform your presentation culture

Our goal is to make your presentations equal parts painless and impactful to shift the company’s culture. We have created a four-step process of mapping, writing, design, and rehearsal to bring about that change — a philosophy that is baked into everything we do. Our process focuses on creating a plan and getting buy-in from all involved before hours are spent creating “monster decks” that are then either painfully edited down or, even worse, presented.

We also acknowledge not every client is ready to make a cultural shift on their first outing. We’re also happy to meet you where you are and teach as we go. Just need a few “wow” slides designed for a big meeting? We can do that. Want someone to watch your presentation team’s rehearsal and provide feedback? Count us in for that, too.


Presentations should begin by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. We can help you analyze your goals, objectively assess how your messages will be received, and walk you through a mapping session to outline a bulletproof structure that will make your audience feel listened to, as well as help you to achieve your goals.


Would you like to help your team change the way they speak and present? We have conducted workshops on storytelling, presentation designing, executive presence, active listening, and inspiring design. Look at our event calendar and sign up for a public class, or contact us to create a custom internal curriculum that fits your needs.

Designing and writing

Our talented creative team can create compelling headlines, copy, and beautiful visuals that incorporate anything from charts to animation and video. Ready to “wow”? You’ve come to the right place.

Retained Services

Some of our clients generate a lot of presentations. Retainers are a great way to ensure you have a regular virtual team, familiar with your business, that can advise on pitch strategies, conduct outlining sessions, design top-notch slides and presentations, and make sure your team is trained regularly to better their public speaking.

DECK really has a skill for taking presentations to the next level. Their ability to translate your vision into graphic representations is uncanny.

Meg Cotter Mazzola, Stanford University

Creating a new presentation with the talented team at DECK is the best experience of this type I've had in my multi-decade business career.

Andre Beaupre, Soulful Advantage

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While we are located in New England in the awesome cities of Boston, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our creativity knows no bounds having worked all over the U.S.