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How Oprah’s Golden Globes Speech Can Help You Be a Better Speaker

Did the earth shake a little during the 2018 Golden Globe Awards? In eight minutes, Oprah Winfrey electrified her audience at the Golden Globes with a speech that ignited a movement for her to run for President. It can also inspire you to be a better speaker. Accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement (a first for an African-American woman), Oprah used her speech to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault and exhorted women across the country to… Read more »

Speak So Your Audience Will Listen, Part Two: How to Tell a Story

I was having a tough year. Divorce, sick dad, and now I’m launching a speaking career! What was I thinking?! Do I even know how to tell a story?! I stood in the quiet darkness backstage, waiting for my cue. On the other side of the curtain, the audience’s steady hum died down as the bow-tied host walked up the microphone. He smiled. “Hello, everyone. You’re in for a real treat today,” he said. As he spoke, I shifted nervously,… Read more »