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4 Ways to Step Up Your Presentation Visuals

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a lackluster presentation that is slide after slide of seemingly random images or crammed with too much information. Yet there’s much more to creating an eye-catching slide deck than working custom photography into your budget. Here are some out-of-the-box ways to engage your audience with stunning visuals.

Start with a plan

Even before opening your preferred presentation program, you should map out the story you want to tell. Use that basic outline to create a templated design that can then be repurposed with every presentation you give. Start with a story to connect with the audience, and let that direction dictate the visuals to match, ideally kicking off with one powerful image to set the tone for the rest of the presentation. 

Establish your brand

Chances are, your company already follows a set of guidelines to keep your messaging consistent. Draw inspiration from your brand’s style guide when selecting stock photography. Each image should appear to be taken by the same person behind the lens so it gives the illusion of being uniquely designed for you. Find nuance in the subtle ways the images present light, contrast, and color to keep your messaging and identity on track. 

Change up the layout

Each slide doesn’t need to (and shouldn’t!) follow the headline-photo-supporting text format. Select a balance of wide-pan shots, abstract textures, detail images, typography, and even vector graphics, while staying within your style guide, to match the message you’re trying to convey on each slide. You’ll keep your audience engaged when using a variety of design tactics and layouts throughout your presentation. 

Enlist help

It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed thinking about resolution and dpi. By hiring a presentation company, such as DECK, you delegate the creative work to the professionals to make your vision come to life, starting with a design concept to get to the root of your message and its personality. We’ll take the time to make sure your visuals fit your demographic, convey natural-looking experiences that directly relate to your message, and yes, are equally high-resolution and high-quality. You will feel confident with your presentation’s final form to know you will be taken seriously by your intended audience. 

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