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Our team is passionate about more than PowerPoint. We know presentation software is really only a means to an end. We want you to be a more effective and empathic speaker by teaching you how to structure effective messages, present with awareness, leverage slide design to emphasize points, and evoke feelings. At the end of the day, our goal is to bring out your inner leader through an executive presence that will inspire your team to action.

An agency origin story

DECK was founded by Mike Teixeira in 2017. His passion for public speaking and humanizing business communications led him to believe that presentations were the key to helping us maintain our empathy with each other, speak from the heart, and succeed in the growingly authentic hungry marketplace.

Since the beginning, Mike has sought passionate communicators to build out the team and transform the way we connect.

Our services are built to teach a new, more effective way of presenting

We offer presentation strategy, slide design, and coaching — not because they are profitable, but because it is our belief that every great presentation should follow that workflow.

What does that mean? Follow the link to find out.

Our Team

DECK’s team of professionals helps you refine your message and power your presentation with stellar design, nuanced writing, and professional speech coaching.

Mike Teixeira

Founder, President

Mike has worked with executives for more than 20 years, helping them to discover their core messages and present them with style and stunning visuals.

Leveraging his background in theater, public relations, and corporate communications, he leads his clients through initial strategy, presentation structure, design, rehearsal, and delivery. He and his team will have you confidently commanding the stage in no time.

Nichole Marsh

Lead Designer

Being a designer has always been a part of Nichole’s life story, from tinkering at the craft table to finding a love for PowerPoint presentations. Nichole specializes in brand identity design and has worked with top clients in the hospitality, event, wedding, health care, and banking industries. 

Nichole loves fine art, photography, nutrition, animals, and traveling. She finds inspiration everywhere she goes, whether that’s Dunedin, Florida, Graciosa, Portugal, or the comfort of her own home. 

Jennifer Munro

Head Writer

Word wrangler, grammar guru, script auteur — regardless of what Jen is asked to do, it’s her goal to make sure your hard work is represented in the best possible way.​

She has a bachelor of arts degree in advertising and communications from Simmons University in Boston and works to make your presentations and speeches sound natural and compelling. 

Joni McNeal

Chief Copy Editor

Joni found her love of the written word while pursuing a degree in communication at the University of New Hampshire. She has an unmatched eye for consistency and will always follow your style guide needs while offering guidance along the way. We feel so much better knowing her watchful eye reviews our materials before they are delivered.

When not reading for work, she’s reading for pleasure. No one loves the Beastie Boys and salad bars more than Joni does.

Nancy Pearson

Presentation Coach

Nancy is a dynamic speaker, presenter, and educator. Skilled in transformation and strategy, Nancy spent more than 20 years in the nonprofit and public sectors troubleshooting problems, reimagining systems, and training leaders.

In 2020, she launched Mind the Gap, a change agency dedicated to improving public participation and more equitable communities. Nancy served consecutive terms on the Portsmouth City Council, holds an MPA, and is currently seeking her PhD in transformative social change.

Kalen Lopez

Head Motion Designer

Unique transition effects, chart animations, and embedded video — motion design has become a vital part of presentations. Kalen is a talented motion designer who can bring information to life and capture custom visuals that make your presentation stand out.

Kalen is an audiovisual arts graduate and professor based in La Plata, Argentina. She has been editing videos and writing stories since she was a teen. Her love of storytelling is at the root of her animation work. She has a special talent for rotoscopy and motion graphics, as well as video editing and montage. 

Kalen’s passion for every project can be seen in her creativity, wit, and problem-solving.

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While we are located in New England in the awesome cities of Boston, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our creativity knows no bounds having worked all over the U.S.